Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I buy a Gen4 pistol in California?
California law prohibits the sale of Gen4 pistols.
Does GLOCKFORSALE.NET give factory tours?
Unfortunately, at this time GLOCKFORSALE.NET does not give factory tours to the public.
Where can I buy a G25, G28, or G18 pistol?
Currently, GLOCKFORSALE.NET does not sell these pistol models to the public.
Can I dry fire my GLOCK pistol?
It’s ok to dry fire your GLOCK pistol, but we recommend using a snap cap or dummy round if you will be dry firing for a long period of time
What kind of ammunition should I use in my GLOCK pistol? Can I use +P and +P+ ammunition?
We recommend using ammunition that is manufactured and meets SAAMI or other industry standards, and while some +P ammunition meets these guidelines, +P+ usually does not. This ammunition may generate a higher pressure than standard ammunition, which could shorten the life of the parts of your firearm.
Can I use lead bullets?
No, we recommend the use of jacketed ammunition only.
Can I find out my GLOCK pistol’s born on date?
Yes, you can find out the manufacture date of your GLOCK pistol by contacting GLOCKFORSALE.NET
Does GLOCKFORSALE.NET offer any custom services?
No, GLOCKFORSALE.NET does not offer any custom services at this time.
Can I purchase a frame or slide from GLOCKFORSALE.NET?
No, GLOCKFORSALE.NET does not sell frames or slides.
Can I convert my .40 Cal. pistol to .357 Sig or .357 Sig to .40 Cal.?
Yes, in most cases you can convert your GLOCK pistol to another caliber by changing the barrel. However, early GLOCK models may not be able to be converted. If you aren’t sure if your pistol can be converted, contact Technical Service
When I disassemble my pistol, I notice that the recoil spring is no longer seated on the assembly notch of the barrel. Is this normal?
Yes, the assembly notch is for assembly only. The recoil spring assembly drops down into the frame recess and stays there until it is disassembled, when the slide and barrel come forward, picking it up out of the lower position.
Where can I find a GLOCK armorer?
Call your local dealer. Or find a certified GLOCK armorer near you